If You Build It They Will Come – Great Movie Line

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In case you don’t remember, that line comes from the movie “Field Of Dreams“. The story of an Iowa farmer who turns his cornfield into a baseball diamond. Inspired by a voice he can’t ignore, he creates his field of dreams.

That might work in the movie but the same “If you build it they will come” theory doesn’t fly when it comes to websites. I’ve seen the events play out quite a few times. Someone builds a website, and it’s a fantastic site with great information and a smooth user experience – a really first class website! They launch the site with high expectations and… crickets. Hardly any traffic. It’s a great website that nobody knows about.

That my friends, is where SEO comes into play. The technical SEO that gets applied to web pages during the creation process provides a solid foundation. Then the site needs to have a well structured sitemap. Next the site needs to be submitted to Google so it can be crawled and added to Google’s index. That can take a while, especially lately. While waiting for Google to do it’s thing, it’s time to turn your attention to Local SEO and things like Google Maps and Google My Business. (See our Knowledge Base post on Google My Business). Now you can set up all of your social media accounts and link them all back to your main website.

Those are the basics but there are enhancements you can call into play. Things like custom schema code, content silos, and other advanced SEO tactics that can load the bases for you and give you an edge over the other team. (had to get that baseball reference in there)

Organic SEO is the way to go but many people elect to include PPC in their initial internet marketing plans. With PPC you are advertising and you pay a certain amount anytime someone clicks on your link.

Remember… simply building it is not enough, no matter how well it’s built. “If You Build It They Will Come” works for the movie but not for Web Design or SEO. If you build it, you need to make them come.

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