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What should a web design company do for your business?

When you’re looking for a web design company, it’s important to find one that understands your business and the needs of your customers. The web design industry is a competitive one, and many companies are only interested in making money off of your business. You need to be sure that the company you choose will be willing to work with you and your team to help you grow your business.

There are many different kinds of web design companies. You will want to find one that offers the best quality service and customer support. You should also look for a company that offers a variety of services, such as SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, and more. You should find a company that offers a full package. If you’re looking for a web design company, you should look for one that offers everything you need to get your business online and succeed.

 The ideal web design company will create a great looking website that has the correct SEO tactics employed and will represent your business in its’ best light. Team 218 Web Services does all this and more. We feel like we become a valuable component of your business arsenal. We succeed when you succeed.


I Want a Website But I'm Not Sure Where to Start.

Don’t worry, lots of people feel a little overwhelmed and confused and aren’t sure how to get started.

We recommend that you take some time to browse the internet to look at some websites in your business niche. While you’re doing this, make notes of the URL (web address) for sites you like and then include any specifics about what you like. Make note of colors, layout, features and other specifics things you like.

Next, think about what you want from your website. I often tell people to imagine the utopia website where you could have anything you want. Make notes of any bells and whistles you want. Then you can work backwards from there if needed, eliminating things that might be too expensive or realistically don’t make sense. Always start with anything you can think of and go back from there. It’s easier than starting with a minimum and adding to it.

Once you have your notes put together you should have a pretty good idea of how to describe what you’re looking for when you talk to a web designer.

What Do You Need To Get Started On My Website?

We need some basic information such as your NAP (Name, Address, Phone). Then we need to know a little bit about your organization, what you do – how you do it – what makes you stand out from your competitors?

We have a simple form to fill out that allows you to let us know all about you. After we get that information we follow up with a Zoom call or phone call to answer any questions.

That’s the simplified version but those are the general steps.

What If I Have a Website But Would Like a New Design?

That’s usually not a problem. We’ll create a staging site where all the development on the new site will be done. Once the new site is finished and ready to go, we will move the site from the staging environment to the live environment. It’s a seamless process for your website visitors.

Do You Only Work With WordPress?

Yes, and here’s why. WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. It’s an Open Source platform and is extremely adaptable. We’ve been developing websites in WordPress since it first came on the scene in the early 2000s. The days of hand coded HTML websites are pretty much over. 

Do You Offer SEO?

Basic SEO or Search Engine Optimization is included in our web design packages. 

We also offer SEO as a stand alone service. We can help with Organic or On-Page SEO, Local SEO, Schema Markup and more.

How Much Do You Charge For a Website?

There really is no standard cost for a website. With so many variations and customizations it’s impossible to say that a website will cost XXX dollars. We publish some price points and you can view them on our pricing page.

Do You Charge By The Hour?

For web design projects we use a fixed rate so you know up front what your total cost will be.

For some website repair jobs we do charge by the hour but… we try to provide a realistic estimated total cost prior to beginning any repairs.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Website?

There are some variables involved here. On average you’re looking at four to six weeks from start to finish. A lot depends on how prepared and responsive you are. If you respond promptly when we request information from you we are able to keep moving on your site. 

Another factor is the size of the site and complexity of the project.

What Happens If I have a Problem?

We provide support 24/7/365. You can email, call or text and we will react quickly to resolve your problem.

Can You Manage My Website?

Absolutely! Our Website Management service is a great way to eliminate the stress of taking care of your website. We take care of everything for you including backups, file updates, WordPress core updates, plugin updates, uptime monitoring and periodic reviews.