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Website Management from Team 218

It can be overwhelming to manage a website. Software updates, themes, plugins, even core files are updated all the time. If you don’t keep all of these pieces of your website current, you’re opening yourself up to security vulnerabilities. Not to mention backups, content updates and constantly monitoring your site for new issues.

We can take over the management of your website and you can relax. We monitor your website 24/7 and keep your site running in tip-top shape. Get in touch today and see how easy and affordable it can be when Team 218 manages your website.


Web Design



Responsive Web Design and Development

Our goal is to create professional, custom websites for our clients that display on a variety of devices. Responsive web design technology has been around for a while now and is an absolute necessity for any website built today. It's the technology that allows websites to operate on different devices and screen sizes and formats.

Organic SEO / Local SEO

Did you know that more than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day? 90% of those have purchased something or contacted a company online in the last 12 months! Will they find you? Are you on Google Maps or GMB (Google My Business). These are the two most important tools in Local SEO.

Web Designer Web Developer

Web Design and Development

The terms Web Designer and Web Developer get tossed around pretty freely. So what's the difference? Web designers typically design and style elements for the internet. Web developers build functionality and develop applications for the internet. Obviously that's a simplified description but you get the idea.

The line between Web Designer and Web Developer is blurring. At Team 218 we function as a Web Designer and a Web Developer and we think we do it pretty well. In fact, we think the dual functionality increases the cohesiveness of the overall design. 

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Iowa City Small Business Resource Program

Iowa City Small Business Resource Program

Iowa City Small Business Resource Program - The City of Iowa City recently made changes to its Economic Development CDBG programs in order to focus on small businesses – businesses with fewer than four employees. The City can provide those eligible up to $15,000 in...

Website Launch – Top Notch Property Management

Website Launch – Top Notch Property Management

We just completed another successful website launch for Top Notch Property Management in Davenport, Iowa. Top Notch Property Management's missions is to connect responsible tenants with clean, well-maintained properties in the Quad Cities area and to provide an...

How Do I Find Someone To Build My Website

How Do I Find Someone To Build My Website

How Do I Find Someone To Build My Website? There are 2 main reasons you may be asking, “How do I find someone to build my website?” Reason 1: You don’t have a website and you need to hire someone to build one. Reason 2: You already have a website and you either A)...

We Can Manage Your Website

We can manage your website and take the load off you and your staff. We’ll take care of everything so all you have to worry about is running your business. If you have any questions or are unsure of what your next move should be, we’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction.