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Did you know that More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day? 90% of those have purchased something, or contacted a company online in the last 12 months!

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Organic SEO

Organic SEO Is The Foundation Of Any Successful Website

Organic Search Engine Optimization is made up of various techniques applied to a website to enable search engines to discover the site, determine what the site is about, and judge the importance of the site among its’ competitors.

We review existing websites and offer our thoughts on areas for SEO improvement. It’s easy to arrange a complimentary review. Use our Free Website Audit Form and we’ll take it from there.

META WHAT? Meta Data!

Meta data is the information that helps search engines know what your page is about. Meta Title is the title that appears in your SERP (Search Engine Results Page), not the title you see on the screen. Meta Description describes what your page is about to search engines.

Take a look at a snippet of the SERP for the search term “ice cream”.

Organic Search Engine Optimization | Organic SEO | Meta Data Identification

You should incorporate your page’s search key phrase terms into your Meta Data in a natural way as in the above example. It should be concise and meaningful and provide a good representation of what your page is about.

Schema Markup – The Hidden Treasure

Another important and often overlooked component of SEO is Schema. This section of code is invisible to your website visitors but Google see it and eats it up. That’s right, Google LOVES schema. It’s important to fully utilize schema markup in order for it to have the beneficial effect you’re looking for on your website’s search results. There are lots of WordPress plugins available that will generate schema markup for your web pages but be forewarned, they produce less than ideal schema code. If you want the best results you need to create your own schema. We can do that for you or you can do a little research and teach yourself how to create much better schema code than the plugins.

Once you have your schema created you can test it using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. Keep in mind that Google is discontinuing this tool in the coming months and replacing it with Rich Results testing tool.

Content Is King

Content has always played a top role in SEO best practices. There is a saying in SEO circles that “Content Is King” and that is pretty accurate.

Copywriting is crucial to good on-page SEO. Creating keyword-rich content for your website is an art in itself. You want quality content while using terms appropriate to your business or industry. The goal should be to create content that demonstrates your authority and expertise on the subject matter.

Whether you create the content yourself or farm it out to a copywriter, SEO Best Practices should be adhered to. Relevant content of the correct length, proper grammar and interspersed keyword phrases in the body and headers. Your content needs internal and external links and good readability. You need to capture your readers attention and make it interesting.

What Do People Search For

Search terms are also critical to your SEO results. Too generic and you’ll be competing with millions of other websites. Too specific and people may never search for that search term.

Consider demographics, products, search terms, and location in choosing your search terms. This process may have to be repeated many times to get your rank to move.

Organic SEO – Key Components

  • Title Tags (50-60 characters – include keyword(s))
  • Meta Description Optimization (160 characters max – include keyword(s))
  • Header Tag Optimization (use keywords naturally)
  • Image Optimization (always include unique alt text and title)
  • Internal Links
  • Body Content
  • Schema Markup


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Organic Search Engine Optimization

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Organic SEO

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Organic SEO

How Do We Make Sure Our Organic SEO Is Effective? We make sure our clients’ websites get found. We check and recheck to make sure they are set up properly for maximum exposure on all major search engines. But, that’s not all. Once we have a client’s website set up to maximize its’ presence in search engines, we start testing.

We test by running a constant stream of “site speed tests” from different computers. If the speed at which the site comes up in the search results is too slow, we make adjustments until it is as fast as possible. Then, we test again. And again. And again.