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Responsive Web Design – We design and build responsive websites, host websites, perform SEO, and we do it all in one convenient package. Quad Cities Small Business owner, are you looking for a new or redesigned website? You came to the right place. Our all-inclusive, responsive web design package is a great way to get a website for your business. In most cases, we can gather the information we need from you over the phone and by email. If you have an existing site we would be happy to review it and give you our evaluation – no charge or obligation.

If you’re looking for a great website with trouble-free hosting and maintenance and want the best customer service anywhere, you need to talk to Team 218 Web Design. Get in touch with us today and find out how we make getting online easier that you can imagine.

All Inclusive Responsive Web Design – Here’s How It works

If you’ve ever vacationed at an all inclusive resort, you already know how it works. You get a wristband when you check in and you never have to open your wallet again during your entire stay. We do something similar with web design. We save you money and make the process of getting a website a LOT easier by combining all of the steps needed into a single, convenient, and cost effective  package. Take a look at what’s included in our standard all inclusive website design package.

  • Business Discovery (where we learn all about your organization)
  • Domain Name Research & Registration
  • Responsive Website Design (your site looks great on any device)
  • White Hat SEO (we incorporate on-page SEO techniques from the ground up)
  • Custom Favicon
  • eMail Accounts
  • Social Media Integration
  • Press Release at Launch
  • Submission to Google
  • Creation of Google MyBusiness
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Website Hosting (included for 12 months)
  • Website Maintenance (included for 12 months)
  • Website Updates (included for 12 months)
  • Website Backups (included for 12 months)

You might have to  pay extra for some of these items at other website firms, but not at Team 218. We include them all! So what does this mean for you? A smoother process overall, and less frustration, expense, and confusion. After we build your website, we set up Google Analytics, Google MyBusiness and submit your site to the search index on Google and Bing. We also issue a press release when the site is launched. We don’t stop there. We include a full 12 months of support. continuously monitoring your website for any malicious activity and take corrective actions as needed. We perform regularly scheduled backups and we install any updates to ensure your website always performs at its’ peak. Our goal is to provide a complete turnkey website that is trouble-free and responsive to your needs. If you have any questions at all, we would love to answer them for you.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us and our abilities and see what our customers think.

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One Step At A Time

Our All Inclusive Website Design Process Make It Easy To Get A Website

Typical web designers only deliver part of the overall package. If you need things like photography, content copywriting, content migration, on-page SEO or email, you may have to pay extra or even go to a second vendor for those services. Team 218 Web Design assembles all those steps and more into one easy package. With our all inclusive website design approach, you won’t pay extra or have to worry about adding another vendor to the process. We streamline the process of getting a website and remove a lot of the confusion and frustration along the way. We have the technical ability and the business acumen to produce the kind of results you expect.


One of our favorite parts of the process is the discovery phase where we get to learn about your business. It’s always interesting to meet business owners and find out how their business came to be, how they operate and what differentiates them from their competitors. We believe this investigative phase is crucial in developing our initial design for your website and start to piece together a strategy for SEO and online marketing.


In the early stages of a project, there is usually a flurry of communication. In order to effectively manage all of the communication, we use an online project management tool called Trello. Because Trello is very easy to use but very powerful, it makes collaboration a snap and most new users feel comfortable using it in a very short amount of time. Several of our clients like Trello so much they have adapted it for use within their business.

Project Focus

We work on one project at a time and focus from start to finish on that project alone. It’s how we like to work and we think it yields a better end result. Not only do we include everything you need for a great custom responsive website, we make it AFFORDABLE. We are definitely not like the rest. Get in touch for a free consultation and see for yourself.

Get Started

We make it easy to get started on your project. Get in touch with us using whatever method is most convenient for you. We’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Take the first step and get started today!

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