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Chuck Hersey

Web Design, SEO Website Management in Iowa City

I enjoy learning about businesses and how I can use my experience to help them with their websites. When I’m not working on websites I enjoy reading, playing golf, fishing, and Iowa Football & Basketball – Go Hawks!

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Partner @  Team 218 Web Services  /  2014 to Present

I founded Team 218 along with my wife, Kim in 2014 with the goal of offering affordable, professional web services to Iowa small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Branch Manager, Service Manager, Territory Manager  @  RSC | United Rentals | Titan Machinery  /  1984 to 2016

I enjoyed a long career in the construction equipment industry and held a variety of positions over the years. My time spent working with business owners and managing employees has given me a unique perspective on the importance of delivering a website that is built with each individual client’s business values in mind.

I’m very familiar with the challenges a small business faces and have the ability to dive into a client’s business and learn what make them “tick”.  I want to know their story – what they do and how they do it differently from their competitors. I feel like my years of management experience equips me with the necessary knowledge to understand a business’s operations, and then incorporate all of that information into their website.

My First Project

Aerial-Ease / 1986

In 1986 I developed a software program called Aerial-Ease. This software was used to provide management capabilities for a regional equipment rental company. Aerial-Ease had fleet management, customer management, AP, AR, Payroll, GL, and billing modules.

Aerial-Ease was developed from scratch and the client had no previous computer syatem. They used Aerial-Ease to go from a completely manual system with lots of paper documents and index cards to a fully computerized one.

I also specced, purchased and installed all the computer hardware for the business including PCs, printers, and a Novell Network with 15 workstations.

After the hardware and software was up and running I provided training for all of the employees on the operation of the system.

Aerial-Ease allowed the client to grow beyond what their manual system was capable of, and was the foundation of my web development journey.

Chuck Hersey

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