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Organic SEO

The Foundation of Any Great Website

Organic SEO isn’t something you can bolt on to your website after the fact. It’s down in the basement with the structural support beams and footings. Organic SEO must be built from the ground up and be a core component of your website. Organic SEO is meta data, textual content, images, and semantic markup. These are all things you have absolute control over. They are all items on your web pages and can be managed by you.

Remember back when you started on your website project? You did all that research and self-discovery. Now is the time to use that research to create some keyword-rich content for your web pages.

You want content that incorporates terms that will tie into your business and industry. Use those terms in your titles and headings. Use relevant terms in your SEO meta data. Write content that weaves those terms and phrases into your text in a natural manner. Style your writing to match your target audience.

Woman by PhotocopierDon’t copy someone else’s content.

Review and edit your content with a fine tooth comb. You must make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors. Nothing will turn off your website visitors faster that misspellings or poor grammar.

You’ll definitely want photos too. Whether you provide your own or use stock photography, the images need to be crisp and clear and have the proper resolution. The photos need to be sized for the intended space on the web page. Large images have a negative effect on the size of your page and increase load time. That’s bad for SEO as well as user experience. Nobody wants to wait for a slow loading page. Every image needs to have Alt text. The Alt text is an attribute that describes the content of the image and is a ranking factor for your SEO.

It takes time for Organic SEO to produce results. We’ve seen sites that take 6 months to start showing results on Google. Patience and persistence are key for Organic SEO.

It’s not unusual for new website owners to use PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to bolster their Organic SEO efforts in the early stages of a website.

More information on Organic SEO can be found on Wikipedia.

If you’d like to learn more about SEO and how Team 218 can help you with your organic SEO efforts, please visit our Search Engine Optimization page.

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