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Website Expectations?

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Expectations From a Website QuestionsDon’t Rush Into This

Before you even think about the design of your website or any of the bells and whistles you want – STOP. Back up a bit and put some serious thought into why you want a website.

What Do You Expect?

What do you expect from your website. Think about what your goals are for your site and how you will measure your success? How are you currently marketing your business? How successful is your current campaign? Who is your intended audience? Who will take care of the website once it’s up and running? These are the kinds of questions you need to know really well before you can construct a great website. Not knowing the answers to these types of questions will not lead to a successful outcome.

Once You Know – GO!

Once you have a firm grasp on what your expectations are for your website, make it happen. Find someone who can take your concepts, understand them, and turn them into a dynamite website. Ask lots of questions. Ask for references and look at some of their work. Remember that it’s pretty easy to make something look perfect online but that’s usually just an illusion.

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