The Evolution Of Web Browsers

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Update: 12/20/2021

Brave Browser Update

The final update for 2021 shows 1,399,530 trackers & ads blocked and 19.4 hours of time saved. That’s pretty substantial. I haven’t seen any incompatibility issues with Brave Browser and it has become my default web browser. Its’ similarity to Chrome makes it easy start using and I can’t think of any reason not to highly recommend it. You can check it out at

Evolution of Web Browsers Update

Update: 09/04/2021

Brave Browser Update

It’s been nine months since we last updated our statistics for the Brave browser. Here is the latest. Over a million and a quarter trackers and ads blocked by Brave with almost 25GM and 17 hours saved. Pretty impressive.


Firefox has been getting some rave reviews for their latest version of web browser. I have Firefox installed and have used it off and on since it first came on the market. The developer community is giving it high marks for its’ capabilities in working with CSS and its’ developer tools. Firefox has come a long way since the days of Netscape.

Brave Browser Stats

Update: 12/16/2020

Brave Browser Update

Over 800,000 trackers & ads blocked. Wow. I’m not sure what I did with those 11 hours of time Brave saved but I’m pretty sure I used it to work on web design projects.

brave browser stats

Update: 8/9/2020

Brave Browser Update

Since we began using the Brave Browser we have saved 5.6 hours and had over 400,000 trackers and ads blocked. That’s a significant reduction in the usual irritations that go along with browsing the internet.

Brave Browser Stats


We have noticed that Brave seems to be a little more “locked down” than other browsers. Brave kicks up some security errors where other browsers don’t. Is that good or bad? I prefer to error on the side of a more secure browsing experience. 

I have Brave installed on my MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone. It’s become my go-to browser and I have zero issues or problems with it on these devices.

If you haven’t taken the Brave browser for a spin yet, it might be time to check it out.

Update: 2/5/2020

New Kid on the Block – Brave Browser

There a new browser in the fray. Created way back in 2016, the Brave Browser was updated with new algorithm code and re-released in November of 2019. Brave is FAST, in fact one of the faster web browsers out there. It runs all the extensions the Chrome runs and proudly displays its’ stats on any new tab. Here are the stats registered on my install since December 15, 2019.

Brave Browser

As you can see, Brave has saved me over an hour of time.

We like Brave and so far haven’t encountered any problems using it.

The Evolution of Web Browsers – It Started With Mosaic

Mosaic was introduced in 1993 and ushered in the age of the World Wide Web and the web browser evolution. Soon after Mosaic came Netscape’s Navigator. Then in 1995, Microsoft introduced their web browser called Internet Explorer and the war was on between Netscape and Microsoft. There was a big advantage for Microsoft because they bundled Internet Explorer with it’s popular Windows operating system.

By 2002 Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had over 90% of the web browser market. In the late 1990s Netscape launched what would become Mozilla Foundation to develop an open source web browser which evolved into Firefox.

In 2003 Apple poked its’ head in the race with their web browser named Safari. Although popular on Apple devices, Safari never caught on with the PC crowd.

Google jumped into the web browser market in 2008 with Chrome. By 2012 Chrome had absorbed market share from the competitors and was the dominant web browser in the market.

When web browsers were in their infancy, almost all connections to the world wide web were through dial-up modems. Many of the technologies we take for granted today were just not possible with the slow transfer speeds of the dial-up modem days. Things like game playing, streaming services, YouTube videos and other data-intensive activities were not available. I can remember connecting with a 300 baud modem and waiting hours for a file to download. Today that same size file downloads in the blink of an eye.

As connection and data transfer speeds increase, web browser technology will continue to keep pace and bring us more capabilities than we ever dreamed of.

What web browser are you using? Do you use different browsers depending on the device you’re using? Let us know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to take our Web Browser poll.


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