Your Nonprofit Needs a Website

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Your Nonprofit Needs a Website – We Can Help You Get One

If you have a nonprofit organization and don’t already have a website, it’s time to get one. Websites are not just for big companies or corporations anymore—they’re important to any business looking to make connections with their customers, create awareness of their product or service, and establish credibility.

In this post we’ll answer some questions like:

  • How much does it cost to build a nonprofit website?
  • What should a non profit website have?
  • Does a nonprofit have to have a website?
  • Why should a nonprofit have a website?

Nonprofits can benefit from websites in many ways. They help nonprofits connect with potential donors by providing information about the mission and programs that they offer. They also provide an opportunity for people who care about your cause to donate online. And when you need volunteers, having a site is essential—because the first place people go these days is Google!

You are here. I am here. But you can’t get to me without a website, and I cannot come to you without one either. It is the only way for us to meet each other in this new world of digital communications created by mankind’s most impressive invention: The Internet. Yes, your nonprofit needs a website! A website is a key tool to help nonprofits connect with supporters, raise funds, and share their stories with the world. It’s an investment that will pay off in ways you never imagined!

Nonprofit Website Design – Raise Your Credibility With a Great Website

A few years ago, I was asked to create a website for a small nonprofit organization in Eastern Iowa. They had formed the organization and were raising money to help support community organizations and projects.

I had a few meetings with the owners and we started to brainstorm. The first thing we needed to do was to figure out what we could do with the website.

The website was actually created in 2006 by a staff member while he was working at the organization. The website had a number of very serious problems that needed to be addressed.

We were able to fix these issues and overhaul the entire website to deliver a much improved version of the site.

We also integrated a new, more intuitive user interface more responsive and simplified the information architecture to make it easier for users to find their way around the website.

We created an online ticketing system that allows users to purchase the tickets to the organization’s events and attractions. Along with the ticketing system we added a contribution function where people could make a tax-deductible charitable donation to the organization.

This was a 6 month project which began in September and ended in February.

How Important Is a Website For My Nonprofit

We all know that websites are not just for big companies or corporations anymore – they’re important to any business (especially nonprofits) looking to make connections with their customers, create awareness of their product or service, and establish credibility. In today’s world, in order to be taken seriously as an organization you need a website. A nonprofit’s website is the first impression they make on potential donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. These impressions need to be positive, or else potential donors may be discouraged from giving or volunteering. A donor may see a poorly designed website and immediately turn away, because the nonprofit looks unprofessional. A nonprofit should be aware of their reputation, and should not want to appear unprofessional. Their website needs to be professional, easy-to-navigate, and showcase their mission in an engaging way. If you want the donations to start flowing, you need to look like an organization. A professionally designed website can:

  • Help your nonprofit establish credibility
  • Reduce bounce rates and increase sales online
  • Create a connection with your customers
  • Help donors and clients find you more easily through search engines

Not An Expense, An Investment

Your nonprofit needs a website. Don’t let this investment be an expense, but rather something that can generate revenue and impact your bottom line in the long run. We make it easy to have a functional and well-designed site for any nonprofit organization with our custom web design services. We have discounted pricing available for registered nonprofits and always do our best to work within your budget. Don’t think a great website is out of reach. Learn more about our work with nonprofitsGet in touch today to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you!

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