Lot’s of businesses claim they’re local.  Are they really?  Sometimes yes, sometimes not so much.  Businesses take liberties with the term local.  When they say local they may well be hundreds of miles away.  When you see the claim that a business is local, do a little research and make sure that is the case.  You may be surprised.

When we say we are a local Quad Cities business, we live and work in the Quad Cities (Port Byron to be specific) and we are truly a local small business.

While being local isn’t an absolute requirement for a web design company, it can be beneficial to live in the community you do business in.  You have the advantage of knowing the community and its’ collective values.  The ability to meet face-to-face is another benefit of being local.

Bottom line is if you want to do business with local companies, make sure they really are local.

Photo by The Library of Congress

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