Team 218 Web Design offers Website Repair

That’s right, we fix websites

If you’ve got a website that’s not working we can help get things back on track. We solve website problems and we can solve YOURS.

Usually websites are pretty reliable. But every once in a while something happens and the walls come crashing down. That’s where we come in. We are website problem solvers and put the pieces back together. We’ll have your website running great again in no time. Not only that but we’ll make sure you know what caused the problem and how to prevent it going forward.

Here are a few of the areas we help our clients with.

  • Updating WordPress
  • Updating / repairing HTML/CSS/Javascript code
  • Checking and repairing broken links
  • Tracking down and removing malware
  • Adjusting On-Page SEO items
  • Installing & configuring plugins
  • Adding or repairing email accounts or forwarders
  • Improving pagespeed

Website Troubleshooting and Repair - Satisfaction Guaranteed BadgeThe two questions most asked when someone inquires about website repair are 1) Can you fix my website? and 2) How much will it cost? The honest answer is – it depends. Some things cost more than others because it takes more time to track down the problem and fix it. While we can’t give you an exact amount to repair your website until we take a look at it, we can tell you we are honest, ethical and we absolutely do not take advantage of people or their situations. 75% of our website repair issues end up costing around $100 – $200.

We recently were trusted to do some website repair for Thomas Real Estate Development when they had a broken website. Here’s what Annie Thomas had to say about her experience with Team 218 Web Design.

Team 218 has helped me with building a site and now repairing issues with multiple existing sites. As a small business owners with predominately static sites, I find myself finding an issue when I most need the site available and performing. Most recently, I discovered that a site of mine (with which Team 218 had no previous involvement) was down on a Friday afternoon. Team 218 immediately responded to my email asking for assistance and continued to work through the weekend finding and fixing the issues while communicating with me regarding the status. They aren’t joking about “fanatical customer service”.

Annie Thomas

Thomas Real Estate Development