Website Protection – Threats Are Everywhere

What to do about website protection? The news has been reporting huge increases in cyber attacks in the last few weeks. Small business websites don’t have the resources to throw at online security and are particularly vulnerable to hackers. There are steps you can take to protect your website without spending a dime. Since we work primarily with WordPress sites we’ll focus on WordPress specific tips.

Install an Anti-Virus Program on your PC

(Not specifically WordPress related) You don’t need to pay for a good anti-virus program these days. A Google search for “free antivirus” will turn up quite a few options. We currently use the free version of Avast Mac Securityand like it a lot.


(Not specifically WordPress related) You’ve heard it many times – don’t open email attachments unless you are absolutely certain they are from a trusted source. Even then be very careful with email attachments. Your trusted sender may have been hacked. One more reason to have a solid anti-virus program in place.

WordPress Login

WordPress is susceptible to brute force attacks from hackers. A brute force attack is simply an attempt to gain access to the website by guessing at a username and password over and over. Two easy ways to help guard against these attacks are to not use the default name for your admin account and to rename yourwp-login.phpfile. Since you can’t rename users in WordPress you’ll need to create an additional user account with admin privilegesand then delete the original admin account. Renaming your wp-login.php file can easily be done using a plugin like Rename WP-Login.phpor Protect Your Admin.

Keep Your Site Updated

WordPress updates come out frequently for the WordPress core files, themes, and plugins. Make sure you keep your site up to date by applying updates when they become available. Many of these updates contain patches to security vulnerabilities and failing to update could expose your website tosecurity threats.

WordPress Security

There are lots of internet predators out there trying to do bad things with your website. You need some defense to combat these lowlifes. One of the best we’ve found is Wordfence. We install Wordfence on every site we build. There is a Pro version which costs $99 per year but the free version is excellent and plenty for most WordPress sites. Install it and use it!

Backup Your Site

Site backups are an important step in your overall website health strategy. Your hosting provider may make periodic backups but you should make the effort to backup your site as well. We use UpdraftPlus and it’s another default plugin on the websites we build.

These few steps will go a long way in preventing website headaches and should keep your site running strong.

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