Evaluation Led To a Change

Earlier this month we mentioned that we were evaluating our website hosting vendor and exploring our options. After a lot of deliberation we decided to make a change to new hosting.

We have 30+ websites on our hosting plan so making a switch is not something we took lightly. Migrating over 30 sites to different hosting is just packed with possibilities for disaster. We have to say that for the most part our migration went really well. The few issues we encountered were resolved quickly and cheerfully by the support team at our new hosting provider.

In the process we upgraded our server (Apache to Lightspeed) , increased our capacity, and saved a few bucks in the process. So far we’re happy with our decision but we will stay vigilant for any problems that may crop up.

If you’re interested in who we used and who we switched to, get in touch and we’ll provide that information in a less public forum.