We are lucky that we are able to work from just about anywhere. During this time of crisis we are hunkered down, working in our home office. Our office here is set up pretty well so it’s not really an inconvenience.

The same can’t be said for many of our clients. Like just about every small business, most have had to temporarily close. The few that are open have had to drastically change how they operate. 

As long as Alliant Energy keeps the power on and South Slope keeps the internet online, we can function and operate close to normal. We realize how lucky we are not to have our business shut down.

America’s small businesses are the foundation of our economy. We are a small business as are a majority of our clients. We wish your business or organization the best as we weather this storm. If we can help with any web related issues you may be experiencing, we’re here for you. 

As you make decisions in dealing with this worldwide health issue, please base your decisions on facts, not rumors. In the event you need reliable information on the Corona Virus, here are some links you can use. 

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Center For Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)

Do your part to flatten the curve. Be safe. Stay Positive.