Watch Out For The Gremlins

As web designers we spend a lot of time researching existing sites and checking out theirdesign. It never ceases to amazehow many websites don’t measure up to any standard of excellence. Do theauthors of these sitesnot realize their errors or do they just not concern themselves with those little details? Team 218’s perspective is that what you put into that site is what your customer is going to get out of it. Every customer of ours is a huge deal and no detail is little. Website maintenance is ongoing and critical to achieve a website’s true potential and maintain its operational integrity. Mistakes get made for sure but it’s all about continually and efficiently addressing them to keep the client’s best image front and center. Here’s what we have foundto be the Top 3 Website blunders roaming around out there:

  1. Broken Links
    You’ve no doubt experienced our number one pet peeve yourself. You’re on a page and there’s a link to something that interests you so you give it a click. The link is broken and suddenly you’re staring at an error message saying the page you wanted is not found. Frustrating and a waste of time. In the beginning, your website isshiny and new and everything works as the designer intended. But what happens after a few months go by? The content may become outdated and some of the links may no longer work. Websites are not static – they get relocated, consolidated or even shut down. If links are not checked then all bets are off. The fix is routine maintenance. Websites need TLC to keep them functioning as intended and to keep the content fresh and relevant.
  2. Spelling / Grammar Errors
    Nothing screams Run Awayto your website visitor like our number 2 faux pas. We run across quite a few sites that declare their attention to detail and yet their information containsspelling errors, incomplete sentences, bad punctuation and misused words. That doesn’t give you a warm and fuzzy feeling about theirattention to detail now does it? We know from experience that it’s impossible to over proof anything you’re going to share online.Not just the first time when all is shiny and new, but over time as a part of routine maintenance. Fondly referred to at times as Gremlin Lookout. ”I know that was correct when I wrote it last month!” Gremlins.
  3. Poor Color Choices
    Choose colors wisely. Subtle is better than vibrant when it comes to a website’s main presence if you expect visitors to hang around for more than a few seconds. Your user’s experience is influenced greatly by what theirsenses relay to the brain at first sight. Cohesion has to be there across all content using bright color strategically and artistically. Bright red and yellow might very well be your favorite colors but they maynot be your best choice for an entire web page.

Keep your eyes peeled for these while you’re online and see how many you spot! What you see should back up what the site claims. And beware of gremlins!

If you currently have a site and it’s not getting the TLC it deserves, give us a call or send an email. Our maintenance services may be just what you’ve been looking for.


photo credit: Head in Hands via photopin (license)

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