Thomas Real Estate Development already had a pretty great website when they got in touch with Team 218 Web Design. Turns out that their usual website person was no longer available and they were in need of a couple of minor modifications to their site. We were happy to help and make the requested changes.

A few months went by and one Friday afternoon we got an email explaining that their website was down and they had an important meeting scheduled for the coming Monday and that it was pretty important to be able to access their website during the meeting. We went to work troubleshooting and repairing their website keeping them updated throughout the weekend. We were able to get the site back up and fully operational before their Monday meeting.

After working with us twice on maintenance and repair issues, we were eventually charged with rebuilding the entire website after a malicious file attack damaged much of the site. Without backups, our only option was to rebuild and recreate the site. After putting the pieces back together, we added some security measures to prevent a repeat of the intrusion and instituted automatic backups that are stored on a Dropbox account. Today their website is up to date and much more secure.

Check out their rebuilt website at


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