Experts Are Everywhere

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“You know, I really don’t like the term expert. It’s just a word that people throw around to make themselves sound more important than they are.”
-Author unknown

Quite frankly I am not at all enamored with the term Expert either. Experts it seems, are everywhere these days. If you have the opportunity to look around my website you are more than likely run across the term Expert a few times. Sorry about that – I’m working on changing that terminology. When you’re trying to describe yourself to people who don’t know you or what your capabilities are, it’s pretty easy to just go with expert as a descriptor.

Experts it seems have become a bit of an endangered species in recent years (or even decades). It’s almost impossible these days to find anyone who will simply offer their opinion on something without trying to tell you that they are an expert. Everyone is so obsessed with being right and proving themselves superior over everyone else that one has to wonder what happened to the simple act of sharing your experience and expertise for the sake of helping others?

I like to think I know quite a bit about websites – more than most people, but to me an expert is someone who is damn near perfect and that’s not me. I make lots of mistakes and that’s how I learn. I also fix a lot of mistakes. Some made by me and some made by others. If I was truly an expert wouldn’t I be expected to be Mr. Perfect?

Well this whole subject of experts got me thinking and I’m going to stop using the term expert. I’m experienced, knowledgable, imaginative, ethical and fully equipped & able to deliver on my promises, but I don’t want to be referred to as an expert. Instead I prefer to use terms like skillful, adept or proficient when referring to myself.

What’s Your Experience With Experts?

Doesn’t matter what field of endeavor, what is your experience when working with a so-called expert? Good, not quite what you thought it should be? I’ve seen some people who are often thought of as experts. They may have an abundance of technical knowledge and skills but they are not very good at customer relations for example. It’s really tough to find someone with the total package. Smarts, savvy, social graces, the ability to understand business and be able to “put it all together”.

I don’t need a fancy title to stroke my ego. I’m happy with the satisfaction that comes from helping someone solve a problem. Call me what you want – just call me! You can reach me via my Contact Form.