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Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows businesses to register a listing on Google so that potential clients may find them more easily online. In addition to providing basic information such as the business name, address, phone number, and hours of operation, GMB listings allow businesses to display images, respond to reviews, and post updates.

You may not know about the bonus lurking within GMB. That bonus is the free website available from within GMB. While fairly limited in the design aspect this free website is still a valuable tool in your SEO arsenal. Here are some of the benefits of using the GMB business website:

  1. It’s free: The website functionality, like the GMB listing, is absolutely free to use. You can build and maintain your website without incurring any additional expenditures or fees.
  2. It’s simple to set up: GMB company websites are designed to be user-friendly and simple to set up, even if you have no prior web design knowledge. Simply select a template, enter your company information and photographs, and you’re ready to go.
  3. It’s linked to your GMB listing: You can quickly link your GMB business website to your existing Google listing by constructing a GMB business website. This can increase your search engine visibility and make it easier for potential clients to find your company online.
  4. It’s mobile-friendly: GMB company websites are designed to be easy to navigate and read on smartphones and tablets. This is significant since an increasing number of consumers use their mobile devices to seek for local companies.
  5. It can help you boost your online reputation: By showing images, reviews, and other information on your GMB business website, you may assist potential customers develop credibility and trust. This can result in more favorable feedback and, ultimately, more business.

While a Free GMB Website is not a replacement for a fully-featured website, it may be a beneficial tool for small firms wishing to quickly and easily build an online presence. It’s absolutely worth considering as part of your entire online marketing strategy, and we at Team 218 Web Services encourage adopting it, thanks to its simple setup, mobile optimization, and interaction with your GMB listing. Here’s a link to our company’s GMB page: https://team-218-digital-design-marketing.business.site/

You can learn more about this and other localized search topics on our Local SEO page.



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Team 218 Web ServicesHi, I'm Chuck Hersey, a partner at Team 218 Web Services and I created this content. I've been building websites and working with SEO projects for over 20 years. I started Team 218 in 2014 with a goal of offering quality, affordable websites to Iowa small businesses and nonprofit organizations. I wanted to provide a complete website package solution to make getting a website easy, fun and affordable.

You can contact me by email (puhpx@grnz218.pbz), our Contact Form or by text or phone at 319-333-0815.


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