The Big Game

It’s finally here! The day of the “Big Game”. Millions of people watching & millions of dollars spent on advertising. Sure there’s the football game, but business is primarily focused on the commercials and their anticipated results. Their enormous investment (over $419 million in 2018 but dipped to $339 million in 2019) might just be the pivotal moment of the entire year.

There are lots of people who watch the game intent on seeing the commercials just for the entertainment value. Do the commercials really entice consumers to spend their dollars on the advertised products or is it more about brand recognition? What about you? Do you remember the products that were advertised? Do you remember the commercials but not so much the products? Advertisers are counting on you remembering both, especially the next time you’re walking the aisles of your local supermarket.

With 4 Hawkeyes in the game, the state of Iowa has a keen interest. Here are Team 218 Web Design we’ll be watching and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Regardless of which team you’re rooting for, everyone would probably agree that the dollars spent on commercials are excessive. Here’s to a great football game interspersed with some funny commercials!

Go Chiefs!


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