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Great websites made right here in the Hawkeye state. From Iowa – For Iowa. Let us make your business or nonprofit look Great online!

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When bad things happen we can help get you back on track quickly.

Website Design

Great websites made right here in the Hawkeye state. From Iowa – For Iowa. Let us make your business or nonprofit look Great online!

Iowa Web Design – Welcome To Team 218!

What Do You Need For YOUR Website? That’s EXACTLY What We Do!

Iowa Web Design by Team 218! Centrally located in North Liberty, we serve all of Iowa with web design and website repair services. We work with business owners and nonprofits all across the Hawkeye state including Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Quad Cities, Davenport, Bettendorf, Muscatine, Burlington, Clinton, and Dubuque. Making you look GREAT online is our mission!

Web Design - We Make You Look Great OnlineIf you’ve ever said to yourself, “I think I need a new website“, then you’ve come to the right place. With unmatched attention to detail and customer service, we make it easy for you to have a great website! Each project we tackle receives 100% of our focus, and nobody works harder to make your business look and perform its’ best on the web. You can count on Team 218 for all of your website needs.

Our all-inclusive web design approach is the perfect way to get a great website for your business or nonprofit. In most cases, we can gather the information we need from you over the phone or by email. Rather meet face to face? No problem, we’d love to sit down with you and learn more about your project. If you have an existing site we would be happy to review it and give you our evaluation – no charge or obligation. Either way, we look forward to learning about YOU!

Have a look around our website and if you like what you see, get in touch – we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to learning all about your business or organization! Want to know more about us?

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100% made in Iowa

What’s Your Story?

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Don't Have a Website?

You know you need a website. You’ve been putting it off. Where do you turn? Who do you trust? How do you know what to put on it or how it should look. Even if you know what you want; how do you convey your vision to a stranger and trust them to create what you really want?
Iowa Website Design 2

Outdated Website?

You have a website but it’s looking a little dated. Maybe you’ve lost track of the guy who built it for you. Maybe your current website people aren’t giving you the attention you need. Maybe you’re ready to go in a completely new direction. We’ve see all of these and can relate.
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People Aren't Finding You?

Your website looks good and has lots of good relevant content. Problem is, nobody visits your site. Getting found in searches is vital to your site’s success. Once found, people need to visit and take some action. Buy something, Call you. Click on Buttons. That’s SEO and that’s what we do.
Sound Familiar?
I am receiving compliments on my website. Clients tell me my site comes up first when they search. They like the clean, simple presentation and appreciate receiving “just enough” information to encourage them to contact me.

Penny Souhrada
Davenport, Iowa

We Build Websites

Iowa Web Design from Team 218

We design and build great websites for businesses and nonprofit organizations all across Iowa. We deliver a comprehensive website package. Our all-inclusive web design approach is the key and it’s the easiest way to get a great website for your business.

If you’re in Iowa and looking for a great website with trouble-free hosting and maintenance and want the best customer service anywhere, you need to talk to us. Get in touch today and find out how we make getting online easier than you can imagine.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been around for a while now. One of the first sites to use responsive web design was Audi, way back in 2001. The explosive growth of mobile electronic devices is directly responsible for the proliferation of responsive web design technology. Terms such as fluid design, media queries, and flexible images are all part of responsive design. What this all means to the end user is a website that is rendered correctly regardless of the device being used to access the website.

We Fix Websites

We can fix yours!

Websites don’t last forever. Well actually they do but they probably shouldn’t. Technology, style and designs change and can result in a site that looks dated or worse yet, is subject to vulnerabilities from people with bad intentions.

We have worked with a few clients who “lost their website guy”. It happens. If it happens to you, get in touch – we can help.

Bottom line – if your website isn’t working the way you want or doesn’t look how you want it to, we’d be happy to take a look and see what your best option is. No charge or obligation. It’s what we do.

The Clinton County Development Association, the ISO of Wild Rose Casino recently utilized Team 218 to completely reconstruct and redesign our website.  Chuck with Team 218 got started on our wish list, made excellent suggestions on things we didn’t even think of and delivered on creativity.

Kim Clausen
Clinton, Iowa

We can help with

  • Iowa Web Design
  • Repairing Websites
  • Redesigning Websites
  • SEO (Drive More Website Traffic)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Copywriting
  • Website Audit & Reccommendations

Make Sure You Get Our Emails

The best way to make sure you don’t miss our emails if we need to reply is to add us to your Contacts. Just go to your contacts and add Team 218 with the email address of [email protected].


When it comes to Iowa Web Design, we’re unique in our approach

Typically web designers only deliver part of the overall package. If you need things like photography, content copywriting, content migration, on-page SEO or email, you may have to pay extra or even go to a second vendor for those services. Team 218 assembles all those steps and more into one easy package. With our all inclusive website design approach, you won’t pay extra or have to worry about adding another vendor to the process. We streamline the process of getting a website and remove a lot of the confusion and frustration along the way. We have the technical ability and the business acumen to produce the kind of results you expect.


One of our favorite parts of the process is the discovery phase where we get to learn about your business. It’s always interesting to meet business owners and find out how their business came to be, how they operate and what differentiates them from their competitors. We believe this investigative phase is crucial in developing our initial design for your website and start to piece together a strategy for SEO and online marketing.


In the early stages of a project, there is usually a flurry of communication. In order to effectively manage all of the communication, we use an online project management tool called Trello. Because Trello is very easy to use but very powerful, it makes collaboration a snap and most new users feel comfortable using it in a very short amount of time. Several of our clients like Trello so much they have adapted it for use within their own business.


We prefer to work on one project at a time and focus from start to finish on that project alone. It’s how we like to work and we think it yields a better end result. Not only do we include everything you need for a great custom responsive website, we make it AFFORDABLE. We are definitely not like the rest. Get in touch for a free consultation and see for yourself. We’d love to learn about your business or organization!


We make it easy to get started on your project. Get in touch with us using whatever method is most convenient for you. We’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Why not take that first step and get started today! Go ahead, it’s easy – we promise.

Easy To Get Started

Getting a great website for your Iowa Small Business or Nonprofit doesn’t have to be a pain. We specialize in making the process of getting a new or revised website EASY. At Team 218 we take the ball and run with it. We really dig into your business during our discovery phase to see what makes your business special – what sets you apart from your competition, and how to emphasize those differences to your best advantage.


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About Team 218 Web Design 

We’ve been creating software and building websites for over 20 years. We have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. We are customer service fanatics. We love working, playing, and living in the great state of Iowa. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments.

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