Summer Vacation 2021

We wrapped up a great summer vacation with a couple days at Adventureland in Des Moines. We drove around 2300 miles on our road trip of the “Villes”. After a couple of days at Big Surf Waterpark and Margaritaville at Lake Of The Ozarks, we kicked off the Villes part of the trip by driving to Louisville and taking a fantastic “Behind The Scenes” tour of Churchill Downs. If you get a chance, take this tour. We had no idea about everything behind the scenes there. 47 horse barns and 1200 horses on the property. We got to see places the general public seldom sees.

Next stop was Asheville, NC where we toured the Biltmore Estate. Incredible place and another piece of American history. Amazing architecture, and a pretty fascinating history. The next day we headed downtown Asheville for the Grove Arcade, another piece of history.

Next we headed to Nashville for an overnight stay at the Gaylord Opryland resort. We were blown away by this place. We had stayed at the Gaylord in Washington, DC before so we had high expectations and we were not disappointed. The resort is vast and the tropical feeling is evident as soon as you walk into the lobby. Waterfalls, tropical plants and trees are everywhere and you would swear you were somewhere in a rain forrest. It seemed like each destination outdid the previous.

Now it was time to head back home to Iowa and after a quick Saturday rest at home we headed for Adventureland. We really lucked out on weather for the entire trip and we had a great, memorable vacation!

Time to start planning the next Road Trip.


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