Spring Is Here

Spring 2020

Spring is finally here and it’s one for the books. COVID-19, Social Distancing, Temporary (we hope) Business Closures, and flattening the curve by staying home. Who would have predicted we would be in this situation back around Christmas? Hopefully you are all staying safe and following common sense safety precautions.

Venturing Outside

I had to make a trip today to pickup a prescription from our local Walmart. While I was out I went through a fast food drive through for a coffee and a breakfast biscuit. In both cases I was a little surprised by what I felt was a new sense of kindness and appreciation by the employees for my business. There was what I would describe as a little more courtesy and politeness and a little less of the business as usual “fast paced ignore the customer” attitudes. It was a nice surprise and I hope it continues after this craziness is past.

Garden Equipment

I heard someone on the radio talking about prepping your garden and a discussion of rototillers ensued. Front tine, rear tine, what brand and where to buy. I have a little background in this topic having worked in the equipment industry for a while. My first thought was you would need to have a fairly good size garden to warrant buying a rototiller. They’re not cheap and I’d have a tough time justifying the expense for a tool you might only use once or twice a year.

I’d like to offer a couple of options for you that you might not have considered.

  • Check with your friends or relatives. Someone you know might own a rototiller and chances are they’d be willing to let you use it or maybe even do the job for you.
  • Rent a tiller. Renting is a great option. It’s much cheaper than buying one and you if you are thinking of buying, you can get a good feel for how they operate and what brand you like. If you’re in the Quad Cities, get in touch with Andy at The Rental Guys for any equipment rental needs. I can guarantee that Andy will treat you right and make sure you get exactly what you need.
  • If you’d rather sit back and watch someone else do the hard work, give Scotty a call at Scott’s Landscapes in Moline at (309) 721-5346. Scott can knock that job out for you in no time.

Those three options make a lot more sense to me than shelling out the cash to buy a tiller. And in the interest of full disclosure, Team 218 Web Design created and maintains the websites for The Rental Guys and Scott’s Landscapes. I can vouch for both of these local small businesses. Both do great work and have amazing customer service and would be very happy to answer any questions you may have.


About The Author

Team 218 Web ServicesHi, I'm Chuck Hersey, co-owner of Team 218 Web Services and I created this content. I've been building websites and working with SEO projects for over 20 years. I started Team 218 in 2014 with a goal of offering quality, affordable websites to Iowa small businesses and nonprofit organizations. I wanted to provide a complete website package solution to make getting a website easy, fun and affordable.

You can contact me by email (puhpx@grnz218.pbz), our Contact Form or by text or phone at 319-333-0815.

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