Unofficial Research

We’re doing a little unofficial research and want to find out who does NOT have a website and the reasons why.

We’ve read a lot of the stories online about why businesses don’t have a website but we want to find out for ourselves right from the source (that’s you!). We would really appreciate hearing from you. Even if you do have a website, it would be interesting to know at what point in your business life you decided to get a website – how you went about getting a website – how satisfied were you with the process and what you might do differently.

What’s Keeping You From Getting a Website?

For those of you who are going without a website, please help us and let us know your reasoning. We’re led to believe that some of the common reasons for small businesses not having a website are:

These are some of the reasons you’ll find if you Google why small businesses don’t have a website. But we want to hear directly from you. Nothing beats hearing right from the source. So we would really appreciate your insight into this subject. We’d also appreciate it if you would share this message.

Email to share your opinions. Please and thank you very much.