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An understanding of the current and upcoming technologies in SEO Trends is key to success, as they are constantly changing. As an example, websites can only be indexed by Google crawlers if they have a functional robots.txt file that lets them know how deep their crawl should go or what pages not to index so it doesn’t look like duplicate content on your site.

The state of technology changes rapidly with new inventions happening every day; much more quickly than we humans could ever keep up with! This makes creating products for search engine optimization (SEO) difficult because you need specialized knowledge about all aspects related to internet marketing: web design, coding languages such as HTML5 & CSS3+, PHP and link building strategies.

In today’s competitive digital marketing landscape, it is important for small business owners to know what the latest SEO trends are. With a little research on emerging SEO trends and strategies, you will be more knowledgeable on tactics needed to improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site – something everyone wants.

Google’s BERT

Technology evolves, more so in the past decade than ever before. SEO as we know it is constantly changing. Google has introduced new algorithms to provide better search results and protect users from low-quality websites that scrape content and link spamming tactics. Google’s newest algorithm update is here: BERT (or Google’s Bidirectional Encoding Representations Theory). Google’s latest update will not only affect Google search results, but all other Google platforms such as Google Assistant and Google Maps.

If you don’t know what BERT is, it is Google’s new algorithm that Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai stated “captures the full diversity of human language and Google’s understanding of it”. Google has claimed that BERT can understand text better than humans on Google Assistant. Google claims that BERT allows them to capture the meaning behind words and phrases instead of just individual words. Google is learning not just the terms you search for but your intent.

Google is getting better at reading your mind. Google’s latest update comes after a string of negative press surrounding their search results and how they are manipulated by large corporations and countries with authoritarian governments. Recently, Google has been accused of suppressing negative results about a person when that person is mentioned in a news story. Last year, Google quietly released an AI program called RankBrain which supposedly improved the quality of their search results. This was followed up by the release of BERT which is now being touted as the “best” AI algorithm ever created. Many in the SEO industry claim that this is all a bunch of malarkey and that Google is just trying to cover their asses after all the negative press they have received in the last 12 months.

Here are 10 facts you should know about BERT…

  1. BERT is an acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations of Transformers.
  2. BERT was developed by Google Brain, the AI research division of Google.
  3. BERT was originally designed to help Google’s computer understand human language.
  4. BERT was first announced in 2018 and has been in active development since then.
  5. BERT is being used by Google to power some of their most important AI projects.
  6. BERT is being actively explored and researched by many AI experts around the world.
  7. BERT is the current state-of-the-art in AI.
  8. BERT is the most advanced AI technology available today.
  9. BERT is a general AI technology that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
  10. BERT was trained on 1,000 billion words of text data.

Determining Intent

Google is able to use machine learning, statistical techniques and pure maths to train computers to spot patterns without having explicit rules programmed into them. Google will be able to answer more complex questions such as “what is the weather like in Canada on Christmas Eve”. Google is currently using BERT to improve Google Assistant’s ability to understand user intent behind Google searches. Google also uses BERT for their Google Translate, Google News and Google Search in general.

So how does this affect SEO? Well quite simply, we need our websites and content to be understood by Google. Google BERT is Google’s best attempt at improving Google search so they can create a better user experience. Google has claimed that Google searches are more natural than ever before, and from the looks of it BERT will continue to improve Google search results over time. Websites with great content and structure should see improvements in ranking as Google adjusts Google’s search results based on Google BERT. Google has also stated that Google BERT will be able to improve the Google Assistant experience.

BERT’s Three Major Components

Topicality, coherence and confidence are three major components of Google BERT, so SEO experts should focus on creating content with a strong grasp of all three. Google wants their users to get the most relevant information with Google BERT, so Google is going to promote and rank websites that give them the best answer to user intent. Google wants their users to get quick results when searching Google with Google Assistant. So creating content that gives Google what it needs without giving a website an advantage over another should be key.

When writing SEO content, Google wants to know what is the most relevant information for Google users, based on Google BERT. Google will soon be using Google BERT to better understand user intent behind Google searches. So Google wants SEO experts to use Google BERT as well when creating content, in order to give Google what it needs so Google users can get the best answer to Google queries.

With Google BERT, Google will be able to better understand Google queries and give Google users the best answer to their queries. Google has claimed Google BERT will be able to improve Google search results over time, so it should increase Google traffic. Google

In order to rank well, SEO experts need their website or webpage content to be understood by Google so they can provide information for Google’s artificial intelligence Google BERT. Google wants Google users to get a better Google search experience, so Google will promote and rank content that gives Google users the best answer to their Google queries.

RankBrain – Not a New SEO Trend But Still Important

Google RankBrain is an algorithm update with Google’s goal of making its search engine more intelligent by processing searches in different ways. Google RankBrain was introduced in October 2015 and Google says it has made Google’s search results more useful by processing searches in different ways. Google RankBrain is Google’s third most important ranking signal, Google claims that Google RankBrain is not a penalty or a boost, but simply an additional signal to make Google search more intelligent.

Meaning & Context

It’s the first Google algorithm to process searches in a non-English language. Google RankBrain is designed with the goal of Google users getting better Google search results. Google RankBrain helps Google find meaning and context behind words, phrases and queries by using machine learning to understand user behavior when searching Google. Google RankBrain has been able to help Google refine searches by improving Google search results. Google RankBrain is able to help Google understand more words and phrases, including technical terms in Google search. Google’s RankBrain has also helped Google give users the most accurate auto-complete results by better understanding searches with spelling errors or typos. Google RankBrain helps Google learn from every query that a user enters into Google search. Google RankBrain is also able to examine the quality of every website that a user searches within Google.

In order for SEO experts to have their websites’s content rank well in Google, SEO experts need their content to be understood by Google as well so that SEO experts can provide information for Google’s artificial intelligence. It’s important for SEO experts to write SEO copy that Google can understand so SEO content can be processed by Google RankBrain.

Despite Google RankBrain being the third most important ranking signal within Google search, it’s easily over-rated. Google RankBrain is not a penalty or a boost for websites and it only affects searches that have typos in them or searches with spelling errors. If users do not have any spelling mistakes in their query when they search Google then the algorithm is not going to affect their Google search results. Users need to understand that they need spelling mistakes for the RankBrain algorithm to impact on their search results.

There are some SEO experts who have been able to use the RankBrain algorithm in order to improve their website’s SEO ranking by creating more useful pages or adding new keywords into their content. There are some SEO experts who have been criticized for using the RankBrain algorithm because Google is able to understand the text on the webpage better, so it can be used for keyword stuffing which is seen as a negative practice.

Some websites claim they have seen an increase in their traffic due to the use of RankBrain.  One claimed that he added keywords into his content and within a month the RankBrain had moved him up 13 positions, but it is impossible to know this for sure.

If there is an algorithm tweak or update to Google then SEO experts will be able to see how their website’s rankings have changed by using the MozCast tool as well as any other tools to check ranking.

Voice Search

Google Voice Search is a Voice Search function that allows users to speak directly into their phone to make Voice Search queries. Voice Search was first launched in 2010 on the Apple iPhone 4S and has been available on other platforms since then. Google Voice searches can be performed without typing anything, so Voice Search queries are seen as mobile-friendly because users can speak directly into their devices rather than having to type text. Voice Search is performed by just speaking and then Google’s Voice Recognition feature will convert the spoken words into searchable information, so there is no need for users to type anything when they want to use Voice Search.

Voice Search queries can be done without Voice Recognition but Voice Recognition allows Voice Search users to use Voice Search on a wider range of devices. Voice searches are very useful for mobile or desktop devices because you do not have to touch your computer or phone with dirty hands, so Voice Searches can help people who need clean hands to perform certain tasks . In order to complete Voice Searches users usually just say what they want and it is then processed by Google Voice Search.

One of the uses for Voice Searches is for customers who are looking for local information about nearby restaurants, shops and businesses. When searching on Google Maps with their Voice Search function enabled, a user will be able to speak out loud where they would like to go for their meal and Voice Search will allow them to find the local restaurants, shops and businesses. Voice Searches can also be used for finding out specific information about a business such as opening hours or how far away it is from a user’s location. Voice searches are so useful because they conserve time for users but Voice Searches have limitations when it comes to making queries on certain topics such as music where there may not be any perfect answers. In Voice Search it is important for the words that a user says to Google Voice Search to be exactly what they want in order for Google Voice Search to return results with that same exact wording.

A new feature was launched recently by Google called “Googlespell” which allows people using Voice Searches who spell something incorrectly to Voice Search to get the correct results. Voice Searches can be useful for people who have a Voice Search function on their device because it means they do not always need to type in their Voice Searches as spell check is now available, but there are still limitations with Voice Searches due to how Voice Recognition works.

Voice Searches are an important part of our lives nowadays and we use these Voice Search functions every day when we speak into our devices such as mobile phones or Google Home appliances which act as Voice-activated assistants. Voice Searches will continue becoming more popular and accessible in the future because natural language processing is improving so users can have better experiences using them.

Google’s main aim is to provide users with great Voice Search results and Voice Searches can provide users with Voice-activated assistants that can tell you the weather forecast, your daily schedule and traffic reports. Voice Searches are becoming more commonly used as Voice-activated assistant devices such as Google Home become available in more households. Voice Search will continue to be improved over time to meet user’s needs so Voice Search queries will become easier to perform . Voice Searches can also be used by advertisers for marketing purposes because they have unique capabilities when it comes to advertising. People using Voice Interface technology will expect information that is accurate and relevant which allows advertisers to give people better information for their products or services.

Voice Search queries have many benefits, but there are still some disadvantages of using Voice Searches including a lack of Voice Search results. Voice Searches are useful for a wide range of topics but Voice Searches can still be limited in Voice-activated assistant devices such as Google Home. Voice Searches may not be able to perform Voice Searches for Voice-activated assistant devices which are difficult to find answers for. Voice Searches from Voice-activated assistant devices such as Google Home have also been criticized for having less accuracy than Voice Searches on a computer or mobile Voice Searches. Voice Searches will continue to improve over time so Voice-activated assistant devices such as Google Home may be able to perform Voice Searches with better accuracy in the future. Voice

Searches were first available in the 1980s but Voice Searches didn’t become popular until around 2011 when Voice-activated assistant devices such as Google Home became available. Voice Search queries are becoming more commonly used as Voice-activated assistant devices are able to perform Voice Searches at a faster rate and Voice Search queries can be made hands free.

SEO Trends Conclusion

SEO Trends Are Not Always New

Whether you’re an owner of a small business or nonprofit, it is always important to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. As Google continues to evolve and we see more changes in search behavior (Google BERT), voice search technology becomes more popular with Siri on Apple devices and Alexa on Amazon Echo speakers) and Rankbrain impacting how pages are ranked for certain keywords or phrases, there has never been a better time than now to learn about these emerging trends that will impact your digital marketing strategies going forward.

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