Outside, Snow – Inside, Web Design

Some people like the snow – some not so much. Here at Team 218 Web Services we think it’s perfect for web design. In a way, the winter weather of the last few days seems to bring with it a sense of purpose. It lends itself to some distraction free website design sessions.It’s kind of funny how time slips away during these “deep-focuswebsite development marathons. It’s pretty easy to spend 8 or 10 hours without even realizing it. It’s a very productive snow!

Maybe it’s because every glance out the window adds a renewed appreciation for a warm office and the opportunity to avoid the harsh winds and blowing snows.

Somewhere out there are drivers struggling to keep control, kids playing in the snow, snow lovers relishing this time of year. Here in a warm office, ideas are springing to life and thoughts become code. It’s what we do.