Minimalist Design ? Keep It Simple

One of the trends for 2016 in web design is minimalist design. Simplicity is the main advantage of a minimalist approach. Another key benefit is the reduction in loading times. As more and more people access web content from mobile devices, the ability of a page to load quickly plays a bigger role than ever. People are impatient! A web designer’s usual reaction to empty space on a web page is to try and fill it up. This flies in the face of this design trend. Negative space is what helps make the style work and makes existing elements more noticeable. Words come under intense scrutiny as well in the minimalist design. Much less text – bullet points – eliminating unnecessary words and communicating simply – that’s all a part of this design trend. As you surf the web, keep your eyes open and see how many sites are jumping on the minimalist trend. In fact, we have employed some minimalist design ideas in the re-design of our website which you are currently browsing.