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How Do I Do a Domain Transfer?

Let’s say you have a website and you decide your current hosting provider isn’t meeting your expectations and you’d like to start using a different website hosting company.

Re-Point Your Nameservers

You may not need to actually transfer your domain. In most cases you can simply point your nameservers to your new hosting provider. When you sign up for hosting your provider will provide you with the correct nameservers to use. The nameservers look something like this, They are usually in pairs. Nameservers are basically translators. They translate your website’s name into the corresponding IP address. So instead of having to type in, thanks to our nameservers you are able to just type Re-pointing your nameservers is a little easier that transferring your domain and yields the same results. Once the DNS propagation is started it can take up to 72 hours for propagation to be completed.

Domain Transfer

What if you decide you would rather actually your domain to a new domain registrar. The first thing you need to do is make sure your domain is “unlocked”. Then you need to inform your domain registrar that you want to transfer your domain registration to a different website hosting company. When you do this, you will be issued a code. You take this code and give it to your new domain registrar and they will initiate the transfer procedure.

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