Not All Websites Are Created Equal

Let’s face it – not all websites are great ones. Even websites that appear to be great to the user might have some behind-the-scenes flaws that prevent it from achieving the ranks of greatness. In this post we’ll take a look at 5 keys to a great website which are areas we believe play an important role in determining a website’s caliber.

Responsive Design

This one is pretty simple – If your website isn’t responsive it’s probably time for a redesign. Consider that in 2016, users visiting websites via a mobile device outnumbered users on desktop computers for the first time ever. Mobile is coming to the forefront and fast! Responsive web design simply means that the content of your website adapts itself to the dimensions of the device being used to view it. This is accomplished by using what is know as “media queries” in the website’s underlying code and adjusting the CSS as needed so the content is properly formatted for the device being used to view the page.


How fast your website appears when a user visits your website is crucial. If your website takes over 2 seconds to load, chances are your visitor (and potential client) may move on. We live in an age of immediate gratification. Instant results have come to be expected and your window of opportunity to grab a user’s attention is very small. It doesn’t matter if your website is designed to sell a product or service, or if it is simply intended to provide an online presence for your organization – you want people who visit your website to stick around and see all that great content.


Third on our list of Keys To A Great Website is content. The old adage of “Content Is King” has never been more important. Your website has to have great content in order to perform well. There are differing opinions on how much text a web page should have. You should have a minimum of 300 words in order to influence search engines. There is really no limit on how many words you can have but more important than quantity is the quality and relevance of your text. Don’t add more text just to get to a certain number of words. Google’s latest algorithm places higher importance on page content and less on backlinks. Creating quality content is somewhat of an art in itself. Making sure your content is on-topic, keyword rich and writing for your targeted audience is what constitutes high quality, relevant page content. It goes without saying that spelling and grammatical errors absolutely must be avoided. Proofreading is essential and equally as important as the content creation itself.


The goal should be for your user to be able to access any page on your website in only 2 clicks. In the past web pages were shorter and your menu contained more choices. The current trend is towards longer pages with fewer menu options. People are used to viewing content on smartphones and tablets and scrolling on these devices is much easier and faster than clicking on a menu. Ease of use and an intuitive layout with internal links is essential.


A great website has to be visually appealing. The use of colors, spacing, typography and layout all come together to present the page content in a visually pleasing way. What looks good to one person might not appeal to another but there are some things that are universal in their appeal.

Photographs that are incorrectly sized and require enlargement result in blurry, low quality images. On the other hand, images that are too large result in unnecessary file bloat which can have detrimental effects on Page Speed.

Your choice of colors are important to the overall visual look and feel of your website. Using white text on a light background for example can be difficult to read. Your goal is to keep things visually appealing while at the same time making the page easy to read. If there is branding in place, we tend to incorporate the colors and style into the web design. If we are starting from scratch, we like to come up with a color scheme fitting with the client’s style and type of business.

Typography is another important aspect of the appearance of a website. We spend a lot of time attempting to get the type face just right for each project we work on. Sometimes the effects are subtle, sometimes bold, but the results are always worth the time and effort invested.

keys to a great websiteKeys To A Great Website – Summary

  1. Adapt to the device being used.
  2. Display the page quickly.
  3. Display high quality, relevant content.
  4. User Experience – Make sure your user can navigate quickly and easily.
  5. Make sure it looks great!

When we design a website, these are the 5 Key areas we make sure we address during the process. If you are interested in a new website of having your existing website redesigned, we would be happy to talk to you about it with no obligation. Call us at 309-912-5139 or use the Contact Form on our website.


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