Iowa Veterans Home Needs Our Help

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The Iowa Veterans Home Needs Your Help

Many residents of the Iowa Veterans Home rely on the generosity of the individuals and organizations who graciously donate to them. The Kenneth Ulery building is a memory care building with 120 private rooms for Veterans and spouses divided into 8 households of 15 residents. The majority of residents living in 7 of the 8 households have some form of neurocognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s dementia and other forms of dementia. These 7 households are secured and monitored to keep residents safe.


About The Kenneth Ulery Building


The IVH wants to add several “Life Stations” for the residents in Ulery. A big part of each resident’s quality of life living in the Ulery building is engagement in everyday activities, including normal routines of daily life. Activities offer social, physical, emotional, and intellectual benefits. When many people think of activities they think it means running an activity group or organizing and outing, but an activity can be anything we do from the moment we get up to when we go back to bed. This includes personal care tasks, eating a meal and spending time with others.

These “Life Stations” are a unique tool utilized in Memory Care communities, meant to spark memories and create simple moments of joy for residents. They are designed to be interactive – encouraging residents to touch, feel, use, and share the items that make up each “Life Station“.

The goal is to gather items or funds to help create several of these “Life Stations” including a fishing area, men’s work room with work bench, ladies makeup area, laundry area, and a nursery.

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We're Donating a Website To Their Silent Auction - You Can Bid Here!

Team 218 is donating a website to the silent auction to benefit the Iowa Veterans Home. We’ll create one of our single-page websites as described here valued at $1,750. If you are interested in bidding on this website, please use the Bid Now Button.

Serving Iowans Since 1887

MISSION: To Provide individualized quality health care in a community atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Iowa Veterans Home
1301 Summit St.
Marshalltown, IA 50158
Phone: 641-752-1501
Toll Free 1-800-645-4591


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