Introducing Team 218 Web Design – We’re Team 218 and we’re the new kids on the block – jumping into the pool of freelanceĀ web design teams. We believe we have something different to offer and are intent on proving it. Usually being new means you have to try harder. In our case we plan on trying harder all the time.

We’ll tap into our combined experiences to exceed your expectations and deliver results that will help drive your business. Our emphasis will be on building lasting relationships through our great customer service. We want to build relationships first – websites second. We don’t plan on being the the biggest. We want to work on issues where we think we can make a difference and choose projects that interest us. After all people do their best work when they’re passionate about what they’re working on. We have no intention of being the biggest but for those clients we work with we will do everything we can to be the best.

We’re Team 218 and we’d love to learn about your business and discuss your vision!


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