How’s your business doing? If you’re like most small businesses, you’re hurting from the effects of COVID-19. Did you know there are some things you can do yourself when it comes to helping your online presence?

First, make sure you’re making the most of your social media accounts. Post regularly and often and use photos and videos to attract attention.

Is your business on GMB (Google My Business) and Google Maps? These are FREE tools and are important to your online visibility. Make sure your listing on GMB is 100% complete. GMB gives you the opportunity to enter a lot of information about your business so don’t leave anything blank! Are you posting to your GMB listing? If not you’re missing the chance to generate more traffic to your website. Look at your listing on Google Maps and make sure your business shows up in the correct location. If not, adjust the Map marker so people can find you.

Team 218 Web Services can help you with any of this and we’d be happy to guide you in the right direction or answer any questions you have. And in case you’re hesitant about getting in touch because you’re worried about the cost – we answer questions for FREE!