Fantastic fall colors. Raking leaves. Football. Carmel apples. Jack-O-Lanterns. Corn shucks. Indian corn. Apple cider. Hopefully, everyone is getting a chance to enjoy this great weather ushering in the fall season. Surely there are a couple of fall traditions you can enjoy.

It’s good that we have a gradual transition from Summer into Winter via Fall. If we woke up one morning and suddenly the temperature was 60 degrees cooler than the day before, imagine the shock to our systems. As it is, we get a chance to ease into a colder time of year. We get time to dig out our flannel and hoodies. (where did I put those?) Time to make the change from flip-flops to boots and from shorts to jeans.

The big holidays on the horizon, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years deliver hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy. People make their travel plans to get “home for the holidays”. Fall is the doorway to it all.

What’s our biggest dislike of the fall season?… Setting our clocks back and the loss of so much daylight! How about you? What do you like/dislike about fall? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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