Cracking Down On Those Annoying Pop-Ups

Google has finally made a move to help cut down on the number of those annoying pop-up ads by devaluing websites that use them. We have all experienced this irritating routine of performing a search, finding a likely website, clicking on it and before you can begin to read what you came to the site for – you’re facing a pop-up ad that is trying to sell you something or at the very least is off topic of why you’re visiting that site. These marketing tactics will begin to fade if Google has anything to say about it. Early in 2017 Google plans to start ranking websites using pop-ups andinterstitials lower than websites that do not use them. Desktop search will not be affected but developers using responsive design will find it more inconvenient when using pop-ups. If you’d like to find out more about Google’s latest pop-up busting plans you can visitGoogle’s Webmaster Blog