Father’s Day

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According to WikiPedia, “Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.” It happens on the 3rd Sunday of June each year with daughters and sons giving dad cards & gifts and just celebrating him being “dad”. Relax – take it easy – it’s your day. We give dad tools, fishing gear, golf balls, underwear, shirts & ties.

Ok, so how did this celebration of pappy come to be? There seems to be some differing opinions on that but in America the belief is that Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910 because a young woman in Spokane, Washington wanted to honor her father. It didn’t become a nationwide holiday though until 1972.

In 2018, gift giving is virtually unlimited. There’s almost nothing you couldn’t find to give as a gift for dear old dad. What about backing up a few years? What would gifts look like in say… 1920? Here are some of the things you might have given dad for his big day through the years.

1920s – Prohibition era. Lucky dads might have received a silver flask. A New York dad might have received tickets to a baseball game to see Babe Ruth in his first year as a New York Yankee.

1930s – The Great Depression. Affluent fathers might have received a radio (the dominant mass media of the decade). Tickets to see a movie would have been a popular gift. Movies were “talkies” now and in color.

1940s – World War II. How about giving dad a carton of Camel cigarettes or some whiskey toothpaste?

1950s – Baby Boomer generation begins. Give dad a new safety razor. Double edge blade design. Gillette or Wilkinson Sword were popular choices.

1960s – Vietnam, JFK, MLK, RFK. Socks or ties were the norm for this decade. Not very original but safe. PJs were in the running as well.

1970s – 55mph & gas shortages. For the kids in the 1970s it was Big Wheels, Rock-em Sock-em robots and GI Joe. For dads though it could have been a coffee mug with a peace sign on it or some groovy bell bottoms.

1980s – For the 1980s the “Cosby Sweater” was all the rage. Also velour was in style.

1990s – Grunge, Desert Storm. Dad would have liked a flannel shirt to fit right in with the Grunge style.

2000s – 9/11. A new watch for dad might be just the ticket for Father’s Day.

2010s – Digital cameras, a new DVR unit or a digital photo frame. Just make sure you gift has the word “digital” and dad will be happy.

So there you go. Father’s Day gifts through the years.What are you getting Dad this year?




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