One day you come to the conclusion that maybe it’s time to clean up a little bit. Sometimes we get a little too much clutter and just need to say “whoa” and do some cleanup. When this conclusion involves your website, we call that “Digital Dust”. Digital Dust can be as simple as items that were added to your website over time and when you look at them now you wonder, “what was I thinking?”. It can also happen when technology advances and a design that was “cutting edge” a couple of years ago now comes across as outdated and amateurish. In either situation it happens gradually and then one day it hits you. So what do you do to get rid of your Digital Dust? We suggest getting in touch with Team 218 Web Design for a complimentary website evaluation. We can review your website and give you our opinion on the best way to turn your Digital Dust into a sparkling fresh website. Contact us by phone, text or email and we’ll start dusting!