I realized today that cords have become one of my pet peeves. It’s supposed to be a wireless world, right? So why are there so many cords??

My Macbook needs a cord (usually about every 8 hours) to regenerate itself. My iphone needs a cord (lately about every 4 hours). My wireless printer needs cords – a power cord naturally, but also a cord for setup. My wireless router needs cords. This whole “wireless” thing is not quite without wires at all.

Cords. Cables. Wires. Connectors.

What should the term be then? Semi-wireless, kinda-wireless, wireless-but? Nothing wrong with wires, cords, or cables themselves but they have really carved out a spot in my list of things that make me shake my head. Here’s the thing – usually when I need one cord or another, it’s not laying right here where I need it. I have to go find it and by the time I get back where I need it, whatever device I needed it for has already shut down. Then there is the amazing array of different cords. Is this the cord for my phone? No it’s for the camera. See how the tiny connector is just slightly different!! Standardization anyone? If you’ve purchased a couple versions of Apple’s portable devices, chances are you need different cords for them. Then there are headphones. Every time I use them, I snag the cord on something and end up jerking one of the earpieces out of my ear. Oh, and if you have a new iphone you can’t use them at all because there’s no headphone jack. They’ve gone WIRELESS!

All these cords for a wireless world. Gotta go plug in…

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