Clinton County Development Association

Clinton County Development Association

Our latest project launched over the weekend. The Clinton County Development Association is a nonprofit based in Clinton, Iowa. They are the sponsor of the license for the Wild Rose Casino in Clinton. Their website was somewhat dated and they wanted a fresh new look and some new features.


Clinton Web Design Welcome Wall

We totally redesigned their website and incorporated images of notable buildings, parks and other landmarks from throughout Clinton county.

Clinton County Courthouse

Coinciding with the redesign of their website is a new online grant application processing system that will significantly reduce the amount of document handling and streamline the grant process.

The Clinton County Development Association has made a huge impact in the communities of Clinton County, donating over 28 million dollars since its’ inception.

Clinton Showboat

How did we do? Here’s what our client had to say.

The Clinton County Development Association, the ISO of Wild Rose Casino recently utilized Team 218 to completely reconstruct and redesign our website. Chuck with Team 218 got started on our wish list, made excellent suggestions on things we didn’t even think of and delivered on creativity. 


Our committee was always updated on the progress with regular communications with Team 218. Chuck was VERY responsive, even got the project completed a month ahead of the agreed upon deadline. We were impressed with the technology portion of launching a website that Chuck clearly had understanding of and we most definitely did not. Although the site is complete on his end, he has maintained communication with us to ensure functionality of the site emails. This really sums up our experience with Team 218; taking care of us every step of the way!


Kim Clausen

CCDA Committee Chair Website Redesign

We enjoyed the opportunity to learn about this great organization during our time working on this project and would like to thank the CCDA for their confidence in our ability to create their new website.

You can check out the new website at

You can read more about Web Design on our home page.


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