Can You Build a Successful Website With Weebly? Team 218 takes a look and shares our findings.

You’ve seen the ads. An actor telling you how they built this kick-a## website with Weebly for free. Is it true? Can you do it? Is it really free?

Let’s take a look.

I recently helped a new business owner with some SEO issues. He had built his own website using Weebly. Here’s what I discovered while working with his website to correct some issues he was having.

Yes, you can build your own website. Free? Well not if you take into consideration that he had to pay me to help straighten things out. Signing up is straightforward. The user interface of the website builder is pretty easy to navigate and create your pages. You are limited to a building-block look and feel of the pages.


Each page has an SEO box so you can set page-specific meta title and meta description information. The glaring omission on the SEO side of the equation is the lack of an H1 header tag. H1 tags are the third most important on-page factor for SEO. Not having one is inexcusable. This is a deal breaker for me.

Should You?

The free plan is good enough if you are just starting out and want to get your name on the web. Using this free service for any serious business website will leave you wanting more. Your free website may also appear amateurish due to ads. You will suffer from less than stellar SEO results. These are all things a business owner should not have to deal with.

My advice? Use this approach only if you absolutely have to and then only as a stop-gap measure.