Contractor Special – Limited Time Offer!

Calling all contractors! You wouldnít tackle a project without having the right tools to do the job. Having a great website is just as important to your business.

But itís not enough just to have a website. Oh sure, just about any website can get your business name, location and phone number out there on the web. But thereís more to it than that.

Having a great website can provide intangible benefits. Your website is a reflection of your business and like it or not, the perception of your business in your customerís mind can be greatly influenced by your website. Your website reinforces your credibility and lets your potential customers establish the feeling of familiarity with you. They get to know you before ever meeting you and have a degree of comfort and trust.

Building this level of comfort and trust with your customers early on in the relationship is even more important for contractors. In most cases contractors arenít selling a product Ė there are no tires to kick or sizes to try on. You are selling yourself, your skill, your knowledge and expertise, and the ability to deliver a finished product on time and within budget. Think about your own online experiences and how you react to websites with a confusing user interface, dead links, or worst of all; 404 Not Found errors.

We specialize in building great looking and performing websites. Our extensive background in the construction trades coupled with our ability to create great websites makes Team 218 a natural choice for contractors in need of a new or updated website. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our Contractor Website Special promotion and save 20% on a great new website for your business. Give us a call anytime at 309-912-5139 or use our simple†contact form†and mention our Contractor Special to find out more. We know how hard you work, let us work just as hard for you.

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