Waking Up To a Broken Website

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What would you do if you woke up one morning to a broken website? We recently had that exact thing happen to the Team 218 website and we are sharing our experience to help you should it ever happen to you.

Uh Oh – We Have a Broken Website!

It was a pretty normal morning until we checked our website. That’s when we saw the dreaded message when we tried to pull up our website – ERROR 522. Great, now what?

This particular error comes from Cloudflare, which we use for Team 218. The error basically means that Cloudflare can’t connect with the web server. We logged in to Cloudflare and everything looked normal. Next we logged in to our server and again everything looked ok. After staring at the screen for a while we noticed the IP address in our server didn’t match the IP address in Cloudflare.

We use a third party provider for some of our hosting needs and this particular website was hosted on their server. Sometimes the web server IP address needs to be changed for various reasons. If you’re using the default DNS provided by your web host, this is usually a seamless process. In our case the IP address changed at the host but not on Cloudflare meaning Cloudflare was still looking for our website at the old IP address, didn’t find it and fired the ERROR 522 causing…you guessed it – a Broken Website.

The Fix? Changing the DNS settings in Cloudflare to match the web host. From broken website to back in business in a snap.

Hopefully our experience will help you should you run into a similar situation.

Don’t Suffer From A Broken Website

Team 218 fixes websites. From technical problems to design issues, we can help! Websites don’t last forever. Technology, style and designs change and can result in a site that looks dated or worse yet, is subject to vulnerabilities from people with bad intentions. We have worked with a few clients who lost their website guy. It happens. If it happens to you, get in touch we can help. Bottom line if you have a broken website or your website isn’t working the way you want – we’d be happy to take a look and see what your best option is. No charge or obligation. It’s what we do. Just click on over to our Website Support page and tell us your problem.


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