Battleship Iowa Museum

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Team 218 Web Design Supports Battleship Iowa Museum


As part of our ongoing efforts to support Iowa non-profit organizations and charitable causes, Team 218 is happy to announce our collaboration with the Battleship Iowa museum.

About the USS Iowa – Battleship IOWA Museum

Through educational experiences, the Battleship IOWA Museum tells the story of the development of sea power in implementing modern world international diplomacy. We promote civic responsibility, an appreciation of public service, and educate the public on the role of the sea services to positively influence American culture into the future. Our vision is “Celebrating Freedom and the American Spirit by connecting America’s Past with its Future”

Battleship IOWA’s historic service as a leading US Navy surface warship portrays core pillars of the American Spirit: individuality, self-reliance, national unity, overwhelming strength, civic responsibility, and technological innovation. Our mission is focused on three core pillars: Education, Veterans, and Community. We receive no government funding for our operations and rely solely upon individual, foundation, and corporate contributions. Your support is vital to carry our mission forward for future generations.

The Battleship IOWA Museum is owned and operated by the Pacific Battleship Center (PBC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2008. After the Battleship IOWA (BB-61) spent 21 years rusting in “mothballs” on the East and West coasts, citizens from the states of Iowa and California came together to support a monumental refurbishment of the ship and its relocation from Northern California to the Port of Los Angeles waterfront in San Pedro, California. Since her arrival in Los Angeles Harbor, Battleship IOWA has welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors to “Celebrate the American Spirit.” More than 20,000 children annually come to marvel at the workings of a historic battleship and an in-situ STEM and history environment; young adults come to gain an understanding of the ship’s role in American history; and veterans, some who actually served on the ship, come to connect with their past and share with their loved ones memories of their proud service to their nation.

Our volunteer crew is the lifeblood of our organization with over 350,000 hours
contributed to date. Military veterans make up 50% of our crew and benefit tremendously
through improved job skills, camaraderie, and a sense of family. In addition, 52% of our entire crew is over the age of 55, giving them an opportunity to socialize and give back to the community. The Battleship IOWA serves as a platform for deep connection to service, history, and community.

Financial gifts are used to support our STEM education programs serving over 20,000 K-12 students annually, allow us to work with our veterans to help them transition back into civilian life, and help create a vibrant space to keep the American Spirit alive in our community and beyond! Plus, we are transitioning to become the National Museum of the Surface Navy. Learn more at:

Battleship Iowa Museum

Tax ID: 26-3934742


Battleship Iowa Museum

You can learn more about our work with nonprofits on our Nonprofit page.


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