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About Team 218 Web Design

Kim & Chuck

The team behind Team 218

We’re Kim & Chuck Hersey – the team at Team 218 Web Design. We provide Fanatical customer service and Meticulous attention to detail. Laser focused on your best interest. Delivering results that you will love.

Our home office cuts overhead. We pass those savings along to our customers and that’s a good thing.

Chuck Hersey

Chuck Hersey

Co-Owner - Team 218 Web Design

I caught the computer bug in 1982 when I bought my first computer, a Timex Sinclair. I was fascinated with the first Personal Computers and with the marketing used to introduce this new phenomenon. IBM had the Little Tramp complete with cane, pitching their version of the Personal Computer and Bill Cosby was the spokesman for Texas Instruments. The Commodore computer was just coming on the scene and nobody knew much about Microsoft yet, let alone web design. I used PCs extensively and learned a tremendous amount all along the way. In 2015 I made the leap from Windows PCs to MacBook Pros and haven’t looked back. I’ve been developing websites since 2002 and started Team 218 Web Design in 2014.


Unique in our Approach

Exceptional hand crafted websites. Technologically sound online experiences. Single Field of Focus.

About Team 218 Web Design
About Team 218 Web Design


Clarity, Depth & Laser-like Focus

We research and investigate to find the best direction and then code & tune until we get that WOW factor.


Let’s create something great together.

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