Can You Feel It?

#18thamendment #covidvaccine #newnormal

When the 18th Amendment was repealed the country celebrated. People flocked to bars where once again they were finally able to order a beer. Are we approaching what the feeling must have been after the long dry period of the 18th Amendment? Possibly. Are we settling in to a new normal? Probably.

At any rate it is great to see some semblance of normality with restaurants open for more of a normal business. Actual fans in the stands at sporting events. A more upbeat overall attitude of people. Sure the masks are still covering faces but at least those faces are out and about. We have short memories. It’s easy to forget where we were last year at this time.

I for one think we’re on the right track and plan to enjoy this new sense of impending wellbeing. Cheers to the end of the 18th Amendment. Onward!