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Web Design - Computer CodeWhen you’re in the market for Quad Cities web design, you want the very best. Don’t compromise when it comes to web design for your business. Make sure you stand out from your competition – whatever business you’re in. We can review your needs and create a great web design tailored to your specific needs. It doesn’t cost a nickel to find out if we’re a good fit because our initial consultation is absolutely free.

Our investment of time to get to know your business and learn about your strengths and what sets you apart from your competitors plays a big role in the initial phase of our process. After learning what makes you tick, we develop a design and then tweak the code to get it just right for your particular needs. No we’re not really nerds, more like savvy business people with a passion for technology.

Focusing on a single web design project at a time is our preferred method of operation. This allows us to devote our full attention to your website from start to finish. Definitely not like the rest. Get in touch for a free consultation and see for yourself.


The smallest company in the world can look as large as the largest company in the world on the web.


Search Engine Optimizing

Team 218 Web Design - SEO GearsEven if you have one of the best websites on the web, it won’t do you much good if nobody can find it. That’s the purpose of SEO – to get you found and drive traffic to that great website.

We focus on Organic SEO. On the surface it sounds like it should be easy. Pick the perfect domain name for your business, come up with a great design, build a great website and people will flock to it, right? In reality it’s not that easy, especially when most of your competitors have the same idea.

Ideally you want your website to be listed on the first page of search results, preferably in the top 5. A good ranking in search isn’t just a matter of fixing one or two things, it’s a complex matrix of inter-related factors that need to be massaged to get the desired results. Team 218 never promises to achieve a specific ranking and we think you should be wary of anyone who does.

SEO is an essential element to the success of your website, your online marketing efforts and keeping your website on the right track


Keeping up with the changes is a necessity.


Use Current Technology

Team 218 Web Design - Website RemodelCongratulations, you have a website. That’s great – you recognize the importance and value of having an online presence. But what do you do when your website starts looking a little outdated? What if your website doesn’t work so well on a smart phone or on a tablet?

It might be time to take a look at remodeling your website. If your website is more than 3 years old you might be surprised to know that some of the technology used to build it may be outdated and no longer used. Things change fast in this wonderful world of technology we are surrounded by and using outdated technology can cause low search rankings and even expose your website to security threats.

If you find yourself thinking your website might be getting a little long in the tooth, we’d be happy to take a look at it and give you our opinion – no charge.

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